“Tunnel Vision” a contemporary hermitage

In contemporary times we no longer have the luxury to interpret a hermitage as a romantic outpost borrowing views of the wild.   Simply because the existence of the wild is already debatable in The Netherlands. Instead we embrace our undeniable urban conditions as ground zero and attempt to find escapes within.   Finesse Architecture in collaboration with artists Marianne Lammersen prefer to offer this perspective view in their Hermitage Installation “Tunnel Vision”.

The Duo offers the idea that within the urban landscape and its inherent visual language we can still find inspirations and clues to trigger our day dreaming and escapes.   We can simply re-interpret   the urban landscapes around us to reach our inner self instead of running away from it.

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Works from “Beyond the Pale”


An exhibition by Finesse Architecture and Marianne Lammersen 

Society functions or it doesn’t when people follow rules or break them.

A name serves to define a thing and make it familiar, bring it into the scope of our expectations and domesticate it. So we name dogs.

Numbers allow us to measure and place objects in scale. With numbers, we can count. And we can gauge difference.


In our times of great change and growth, when the world seems to be spinning faster than ever and cities, populations, ideas burgeon at a dizzying pace, people look to the familiar and the certain to reassure them and keep them safe. They establish communities of the like-minded, post their intimate lives on social networks (making confidantes out of strangers) and look to technology and structure to pull sense out of chaos.

Marianne Lammersen and Jack Chen seek to codify some of these phenomena in their work – the phenomena of boundary-making, definition, restriction and networking – in order to better understand the role these play in the creation of the modern dysfunctional psyche. In their language of form’’ both artists embed their particular systems and logic that carry through from concept to the realization of the work for the spectator to unearth. The discovery process is designed towards an inevitable moment of rupture, when expectations or desires fail and new directions or possibilities stand revealed: surprising, unexpected possibilities that allow the viewer to escape from the conventional, asking new questions and posing new responses. Continue Reading →

“Beyond the Pale”

For ‘Beyond the pale’, architect Jack Chen (Finesse Architecture) and artist Marianne Lammersen produced sculptural works in tandem that interrogate our human tendency to follow paths and conventions towards ‘successful’ conclusions. They question whether these grids, networks and norms – our own inventions – always lead to human progress, and ask the viewer to wander away from predictable paths, perhaps to stumble upon wonders they never suspected, and be surprised by what lies outside the grid… beyond the pale.

Mediamatic: Bubble Escapement

In 2014 Mediamatic organised ‘Ten Weeks and One Summer of Lightness’. From April 29th until July 13th different artists were invited to investigate lightness as experience, as image and as idea. As part of the ‘Soap Bubble Laboratory’ by Nienke Sybrandy, we participated by exploring tactics that offer participants a chance to experience a simple soap bubble spatially. We created a scenario in which participants engaged in anticipation of an act of destruction or creation of a surreal spatial moment.

Mediamatic Lightness Week SoapBubbles

Making the Temporary Last at Gogbot Festival 2012 from Jack on Vimeo.

Gogbot Festival 2012

Participating at the annual Gogbot Festival in Enschede.