Kustvlaai 2014: Amstel Park:

For Kunstvlaai 2014 (‘From Safety to Where? I Love the Feeling of Being Slightly Lost’) Finesse Architecture in collaboration with Dennis Schuivens created a spatial intervention that offers the users a playful and ephemeral experience through physical participation. Continue Reading →

Mediamatic: Bubble Escapement

In 2014 Mediamatic organised ‘Ten Weeks and One Summer of Lightness’. From April 29th until July 13th different artists were invited to investigate lightness as experience, as image and as idea. As part of the ‘Soap Bubble Laboratory’ by Nienke Sybrandy, we participated by exploring tactics that offer participants a chance to experience a simple soap bubble spatially. We created a scenario in which participants engaged in anticipation of an act of destruction or creation of a surreal spatial moment.

Mediamatic Lightness Week SoapBubbles

Community Winter Gardens


How can we strengthen a local sense of belonging in our local high streets? An inspiring case study depicted from the book Compendium for a Civic Econony tells about a neighborhood in central London with a diverse population of both low-income groups and high earners. A recession-hit budget chain grocers was replaced by The People’s Supermarket, a grocery owned and managed by members but open to all, and committed to selling good quality, locally sourced products at an affordable price.  The venture created a diverse social return on investments-upskilling local people, benefiting their household budgets, retaining profits within the area and providing a space where low-income and other residents can mix enjoy an active stake and daily interaction.  This key understanding of value in a much broader term than just monetary can allow us to think more creatively navigating on the local level. Fomulating the research question:

How can Retail give back to the community?

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