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Living with Alzeimer 2060 What is the future like?

Diary Entry:

It is March 27, 2060, I am talking to myself. one more day and I will have survived to my 84th birthday. Not much of an achievement really, considering our average life expectancy is now 85. I wake up to the sound of woodpeckers pecking. Just like the ones in the woods behind my childhood house in New Jersey. I always like waking up to that. Where I felt safe and free, without a care in the world. I had the sound programmed it into my morning wake up ritual since I move into this smart house about a year ago. I was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease last year. My son thought it best I move closer to him so we can drop by each other’s place more often. In fact he is living in the same neighborhood community. This smart home is something else. It is actually a living breathing caretaker. It monitors my body temperature, sugar level and heart rate and would adjust the room temperature or open a window for me automatically. I sometime joked that it probably will advise me when I should use the toilet. The voice of the smart home has a familiar ring to it. Often reminds me of my mother’s voice. When I am running out of milk or coffee, it would just order it for me. Though recently I wanted to shop like I was used to in my younger day, so I made the request that I would do the physical shopping which was in the same building (they just have a list for me at the store to remind me what I was missing). The home is connected to the city. If I needed medical assistance it would make the call for me. In this neighborhood 24 hour medical service is accessible. I feel better living in my own home and knowing that I can get the help I need when I need it. In the old days they would have put me in elderly institutions, but those were not permitted after the 2020. Anyway, why do I have cravings for bubble tea? Perhaps Pada can get some for me. Oh yeah, PADA, stands for persona assistant domestic android. Yes, I have an android. It came with the house. Sometimes I confuse her for my late wife Anna. Pada’s voice sounds like Anna. She is so in sync with me it’s scary, its like she knows what I am thinking. It is like we are wired the same way. Sometimes she finishes my sentences for me. I read some statistics in the papers last week that there are 1.5 androids per household. I guess it was inevitable. Ever since the global epidemic became real. In 2050 one in 85 person worldwide had alzheimer’s disease. Asia had it the worst with 62.85 million accounting for 59 percent of all cases. I guess that was how the androids became popular. The Japanese were the first to embrace them. First with virtual pets like the (Tamagotchi) in 2010. Then it extended to robotic dogs. When they figured out how and why humans can form emotional attachments to animals and these virtual pets they naturally extended it to robots. Actually in retrospect, we have the porn industry to thank for it. The industry were making more sophisticated life size dolls we called them sexbots then. They were so life like, it became a craze. It became such a hot item after the Bono sex tapes leaked out. He was quite unabashed. Saying it was the best sex he ever had. Through such spectacles and many more like it that streamed thru the internet, the product became a big craze. I guess through the years the society’s idea of what constituted normal sex had changed. Living with androids became normal. Later as better artificial intelligence developed android were introduced to the work force as maids to clean the house, stock your grocery, or play chess with you. The AI was so sophisticated that they really became life long companions for some people. We needed more people in the work force and they seem to be one of the answers. The other was cloning. The verdict is still not out on that one. Once in a while you get some news about someone falling in love with their sexbot and wanted to divorce their spouse. Crazy right? I can see some very ethical problems surfacing. In fact more and more films about the androids having soul are turning up. It seems a hot topic lately. Just yesterday I read about some AI scientist lobbying for robot-human marriage to be recognized. I do not know what to make out of that. I hear a knock on the door and it is Anna with a glass of bubble tea in hand. I asked, is it the red or blue pill today…