Community Winter Gardens


How can we strengthen a local sense of belonging in our local high streets? An inspiring case study depicted from the book Compendium for a Civic Econony tells about a neighborhood in central London with a diverse population of both low-income groups and high earners. A recession-hit budget chain grocers was replaced by The People’s Supermarket, a grocery owned and managed by members but open to all, and committed to selling good quality, locally sourced products at an affordable price.  The venture created a diverse social return on investments-upskilling local people, benefiting their household budgets, retaining profits within the area and providing a space where low-income and other residents can mix enjoy an active stake and daily interaction.  This key understanding of value in a much broader term than just monetary can allow us to think more creatively navigating on the local level. Fomulating the research question:

How can Retail give back to the community?