Touch Table for Family Members of Alzheimer’s Patients

This interactive table that translates bare-skin touch into sound is designed to offer family members of Alzheimer’s Patients an alternative way of engaging with their loved ones. Using the sense of touch as an agent for engagement. The Table acts as an icebreaker. Circumventing the cultural and social barriers embedded with touch and intimacy. Creating a playful and spontaneous environment in which users are open to engage each other and explore the depths of human contact. Independent of the meanings and emotions generated by the interaction, the primal focus is to promote physical contact with Alzheimer’s patient which bears significant benefits to their well-being. RIGHT NOW we are seeking funding for further Research and Development to make the second working prototype. Taken the insights from field testing with the first prototype, we would like to improve on the first prototype by developing a more mobile version. Improve the touch sensor technology, and increase the diversity of the soundscape. Our ambition is to develop a product that would be affordable for those in need. Thus researching how to produce it at minimum cost is also one of our objectives. We believe this is a useful product for society.