Finesse Architecture is a research & design studio based in Haarlem, NL. We articulate spaces, develop products and direct behaviour by mining the intersection between architecture, art and science. Interested in the underlying values of the projects we embark on, we raise new questions before we start to look for answers. What do these values represent, and how can they be translated into space, product and behaviour. Our process is driven by a feedback-loop between research-based-design and design-based-research as starting points for creating socially engaging projects. Depending on the nature of the project, we trigger cross-disciplinary collaborations with engineers, scientists, psychologists, therapists and artists.

For the last 16 years Jack S.C. Chen (TW/USA, 1976) had gained international work experience working in architectural offices within Unites States and The Netherlands. In 2009 he founded Finesse Architecture, (originally based in Amsterdam) as an extension of his personal research practice that hovers between art and design.  Passionate about blurring the boundaries between architecture, art and science he continues to critically examine and adapt his own design processes. In addition to his professional practice, he obtained a Masters of Interior Architecture degree at Sandberg Institute in 2012. The two year study not only gave new layers to his research practice, but redirected a fascination for architecture as a medium for social engagement.  In 2014, he moved his studio to Haarlem, to join a collective called MAAK_HAARLEM.  A collective busy in the “makers movement” and focused on combining social entrepreneurship with rapid prototyping technologies.  In 2015 he co-founded MERGENT  with Dennis Schuivens as an design platform for collaboration between the two designers.  In 2016, Chen and Schuivens created a new start-up called  CRDLT BV togther with Schuiven’s father Ger.  The startup is dedicated to researching and producing products for the healthcare sector.

Curriculum Vitae_ Jack S.C. Chen